A great battle in the round of 1/8 Champions League

With the calculation of the odds, it is likely that there will be 3 great battles in the round of 1/8 Champions League 2019/20 with the matches Man City – Atletico Madrid; Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid; Barcelona vs Chelsea.

The odds predict a great battle in the round of 1/8 Champions League 2019/20

When to draw in the 1/8 Champions League round, how to split?

The draw for pairs in the 1/8 round of the Champions League will take place at 18:00 Vietnam, Monday (December 16), at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. But right now, the champions have made their statements about this issue.

As coach Jose Mourinho said, no club wants to meet Tottenham and Real Madrid declares the ability to defend Liverpool or young striker Tammy Abraham insists Chelsea want to face Barcelona in the eighth round because they dream of playing at the Nou Camp.

It is possible the desire of the English striker will come true because according to computer calculations, Chelsea will face Barcelona in the round of 1/8 up to 23.38% This is the highest rate of the ability of The team clashed in this round.

Outside of Barcelona, ​​Chelsea may clash with Juventus (21.67%); Bayern Munich (18.9%); PSG (18.8%) or RB Leipzig (17.98%). Chelsea did not face Liverpool and Man City (according to the law of the same national teams do not meet in the eighth round) and Valencia (the opponent is on the same table as the Blues).

While Chelsea may meet Barcelona, ​​City are more likely to encounter Atletico Madrid (22.4%); Real Madrid (21.58%), Dortmund (20.62%). And defending champion Liverpool, the team that makes them “breathless” will be Atletico Madrid (22.4%); Real Madrid (21.58%); Dortmund (20.63%) and Atalanta (18.44%)

Compared to three compatriots from England, Tottenham will only have to face Valencia at the rate of 22.61% if lucky. The remaining chance for Jose Mourinho’s army to encounter Barcelona is 22%; Juventus (20.72%); RB Leipzig (17.34%) or PSG (17.33%).