Argentina team is unstable after the Paraguay draw

Disagreements occurred in Argentina‘s locker room after the gods clashed with young players. Ole describes Argentina’s participation in the 2019 Copa America in two groups. One was called “Golden Generation” with stars like Lionel Messi, Angel di Maria, Sergio Aguero. The other group is called “Silver Generation” including Lautaro Martinez and young players.

In the June 1, Paraguay draw, coach Lionel Scaloni of Argentina is said to lack confidence in the “Golden Generation” group. He let Martinez and Rodrigo De Paul start the match, and put Di Maria and Aguero on the bench.

Noi bo tuyen Argentina bat on sau tran hoa Paraguay hinh anh 2

However, Martinez only played until 67 minutes and had to make room for Di Maria. The decision to change this personnel of coach Scaloni was fiercely criticized by the Ole. The pen Leo Farinella wrote: “Does the coach Scaloni have any better ideas?”

In The Club of Ememies, Ole believes that the Argentine dressing room is on the verge of cracking. There is a conflict between “Golden Generation” and “Silver Generation”. Martinez’s gang lacks respect for seniors.

Individual Messi also does not like young players in the team. The act of celebrating after scoring Leo’s goal against Paraguay even in the press was like the act of transmitting respectful messages to Di Maria was on the bench.

The Argentine Football Federation and its members have not yet spoken out about internal disagreement and have been released by Ole. In the latest developments, the La Nacion newspaper comments on the dressing room of “La Albiceleste” if there is a normal pulse.

“The Argentinean team is always involved in such incidents in big tournaments. People never see this team in a high collective spirit. It makes football in the country after many years still just lost “.

Noi bo tuyen Argentina bat on sau tran hoa Paraguay hinh anh 1

In the 2019 Copa America, Argentina has yet to win after the first two games. The performances of the players before Colombia and Paraguay are very bland. La Nacion predicts a gloomy future awaiting Messi and his teammates ahead.

This newspaper reports that if the Argentina team kept kicking like the last time, it would be difficult for them to win tickets to the 2022 World Cup.