Carlsberg: The brand that powers Liverpool FC during 28 seasons

Accompanying Liverpool FC during 28 seasons, Carlsberg has always kept his passion for Liverpool fans in particular and world football fans in general.

The relationship of nearly 3 decades with Liverpool FC

The year 1992 saw a historic handshake between two major icons in the beer and football field, Carlsberg and Liverpool FC. This event marks the starting point for a partnership that is dubbed the longest in Premier League history. During nearly 3 decades, with the persistent and active companionship of the Danish beer brand, Liverpool has continuously reached the heights in football.

The journey of sticking between Carlsberg and Liverpool FC is marked by brilliant milestones with two European Cups (2005, 2019), 2 FA Cup’s (2001, 2006), 4 League Cup’s (1995, 2001, 2003, 2012) and 1 UEFA Cup (2001).

This memorable period has also witnessed the full career of Robbie Fowler, Steven Gerrard or Ian Rush. They are all legends of Liverpool FC in particular and English football in general. It can be seen that, more than a long-term partnership, the nearly 3-decade relationship between these two big names is also iconic to football and beer fans.

Carlsberg‘s creations dedicated to Liverpudlian

Constantly striving to bring a better experience for fans with the best moments of football, Carlsberg has researched and produced 1-0-2 creations like Red Hops and Red. Barley dedicates exclusively to the Liverpudlians.

To mark 25 years of companionship with Liverpool FC, Carlsberg has researched and produced a beer imbued with the red spirit called Red Hops.

Use hops grown under special conditions, which were raised on soil samples taken from Liverpools’ Anfields home ground. Every day they are immersed in the space of the sound and images of Liverpool FC’s emotional victories. Red Hops is a special memory gift that this longtime companion wants to give fans of the Red Brigade.

Not stopping there, in 2019, the impressive creation Red Barley brought red from appearance to beer continued to be introduced by Carlsberg to many Liverpool FC fans. This blew heat for the team’s sprinting phase in the Champions League.

To obtain bottles of pilsner beer with a natural red color, brewers have spent more than a year experimenting to grow rare red barley for this beer line.

Sublimated with the emotional celebration of the new king

Winning the Premier League title after 30 years of waiting, Liverpool FC’s thirst for titles has been relieved. Not only winning, this team also did it 7 rounds early, breaking the record of 5-round early championship of former king Manchester City. To spread the spirit of celebrating this unprecedented victory, Carlsberg launched the Feel like a Champion campaign.

With interactive activities deployed on all platforms from online to offline. The standard Liverpool FC style gifts, the fans have enjoyed the true champion emotions.

It can be said that, for more than 170 years pursuing perfection, Carlsberg has always strived to bring better and better beer experiences to the enjoyers. This continues to be confirmed through the brand’s passionate football passion for Liverpool FC fans.