Casillas prepared to leave the hospital, leaving his retirement ability

Casillas will be discharged in the next few days. However, the goalkeeper’s ability to hang gloves is left open. In the evening of 2/5, the village of the world was shocked to hear that Iker Casillas had a heart attack on the training ground. After the Spanish goalkeeper had a problem, Porto’s medical team immediately moved him to the hospital. Casillas has emergency cardiac surgery and temporarily keeps his life.

According to Goal, the legendary goalkeeper will be discharged on 5 May. Casillas takes 2-3 months to recover, then check to see if it is still possible to continue playing. In the coming time, Casillas is monitored daily health, while taking heart support drugs.

Iker Casillas is definitely out for the rest of the 2018 season with Porto. On the hospital bed, the former Real Madrid goalkeeper sent a message to the soccer village: “I feel shocked, but powerful now. Thank you everyone for your good wishes. ”

Casillas himself does not know if he can continue to play or not. While, the doctors insisted that more time was needed to accurately assess the situation. In Porto Canal, Porto doctor Nelson Puga said: “Casillas needs time to decide to continue playing or hanging gloves, not yet able to say anything.”

During difficult times, Casillas received love from fans around the world, teammates in Porto and colleagues. After the Champions League semi-final match in 2018/19 between Barcelona and Liverpool, Lionel Messi told Casillas to try to recover to return to normal life and even continue his career with the ball.

Casillas is one of the best goalkeepers in world football history. Before joining Porto, he spent 16 seasons with Real and played more than 700 matches. Casillas has conquered a series of noble titles at club and team levels such as: 5 La Liga trophies, 3 times of Champions League winners, touching the 2010 World Cup peaks and 2 times in Europe (in 2008 and 2012).

Casillas’s career will be more complete if he is not treated unfairly in the Real phase led by Jose Mourinho. Casillas held a press conference before saying goodbye to the Bernabeu. However, this event is not present for President Florentino Perez, leader of Real or team.