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Argentina team is unstable after the Paraguay draw

Disagreements occurred in Argentina‘s locker room after the gods clashed with young players. Ole describes Argentina’s participation in the 2019 Copa America in two groups. One was called “Golden Generation” with stars like Lionel Messi, Angel di Maria, Sergio Aguero. The other group is called “Silver Generation” including Lautaro Martinez and young players. In the

Ronaldo and the glory of the great conqueror

The UEFA Nations League championship with Portugal has continued to be a measure of Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s different talents and qualities. Heavy statistics were found on the day Ronaldo and Portugal won the UEFA Nations League championship. From the age of 30, Ronaldo has won 12 championships, big and small, all the teams he plays,

Philippe Coutinho and the tragedy of the rebel

Coutinho’s return to Liverpool became a nightmare. His Barca were sunk 4-0 by the opponent, resulting in them being eliminated from the Champions League. “The Kop” created something extraordinary, and Coutinho and his teammates became ordinary people. Liverpool had a second consecutive Champions League final after Coutinho left. Fate is a joke. Just a year

FIFA announced the official poster of the World Women’s Football Championship 2019

The official poster of the World Women’s Championship 2019 clearly shows the theme of the tournament, which is to ensure a level playing field for women in the field of football. The World Football Federation (FIFA) on March 8 announced the official poster of the 2019 World Women’s Football Championship. Introduced correctly on International Women’s