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Philippe Coutinho and the tragedy of the rebel

Coutinho’s return to Liverpool became a nightmare. His Barca were sunk 4-0 by the opponent, resulting in them being eliminated from the Champions League. “The Kop” created something extraordinary, and Coutinho and his teammates became ordinary people. Liverpool had a second consecutive Champions League final after Coutinho left. Fate is a joke. Just a year

FIFA announced the official poster of the World Women’s Football Championship 2019

The official poster of the World Women’s Championship 2019 clearly shows the theme of the tournament, which is to ensure a level playing field for women in the field of football. The World Football Federation (FIFA) on March 8 announced the official poster of the 2019 World Women’s Football Championship. Introduced correctly on International Women’s

Modric won the FIFA The Best 2018 prize

This morning, FIFA’s Best 2018 awards ceremony took place in London. This time, the honoree in the Best Male Player Luka Modric – the conductor took Croatia to the runner-up of the 2018 World Cup and the pillar of the Real Madrid team won the Champions League championship 2017/18. It can be said, world football

European football: Patience has dried up

Man.United will welcome Brighton at home in the FA Cup quarter-finals. It was the final front that Mourinho’s teachers and players could achieve the title this season after being eliminated in the League Cup and the Champions League. Everything has changed dramatically in just 7 days, since beating Liverpool to take second place in the