COVID-19: Premier League is officially allowed to return

The planet’s most attractive football tournament is likely to return on June 1, after getting permission from the British government.

British government recently published a 50-page document on the abolition of social isolation, which could prompt the Premier League to resume on June 1.

According to a statement from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, matches in the Premier League will be allowed to be played again from June, provided that no spectators and ensure strict compliance with medical regulations. International.

In addition to football, recreational activities in the UK will also be allowed to resume activities starting from June. The Premier League teams will soon have a meeting to discuss details of the plans to return to the number one planet.

The aforementioned 50-page document also states that when the tournament returns, supporters to the stadium are absolutely prohibited. Soccer fields in the UK are only allowed for spectators to enter the field after the world finds a thorough vaccine against Covid-19.

The proposal of the Premier League side was given the green light by the British government. The tournament will be reorganized on the field of no-audience to maintain the safety of the community. Of course, the players, coaching staff as well as the stadiums will be tested extremely strictly to ensure not to spread the disease.

FA officials also discussed specific options to keep the players in aseptic environment as much as possible, minimizing contact with the fans. And in order for a large number of fans to see the tournament, the FA also negotiated with a number of television companies to expand the number of matches played with terrestrial television. Currently, Sky and BT are holding the rights to the remaining matches, but there is not enough channel to broadcast all matches at the same time.

Apart from the UK, countries that own big football leagues in Europe such as Germany, Italy or Spain are also preparing to reopen. Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, plans to bring the tournament back on June 12. Many sports, cultural and entertainment activities in Italy will also open in June, while the German Bundesliga officially scheduled a return this weekend.