European football: Patience has dried up

Man.United will welcome Brighton at home in the FA Cup quarter-finals. It was the final front that Mourinho’s teachers and players could achieve the title this season after being eliminated in the League Cup and the Champions League.

Everything has changed dramatically in just 7 days, since beating Liverpool to take second place in the Premier League, Man.United is now eliminated in the Champions League and is in danger of losing in the FA Cup. not sure whether to keep the place in the top 4.

On the pitch, the Man.United players kicked off like strangers, strangely ignorant in the defeat of Sevilla 1-2 on Wednesday, while in the yard, some members of the Man.United leadership seemed lost faith in coach Mourinho. They claim that the Portuguese military is not the right character to sit in a hot chair at Old Trafford.

The Daily Mail quoted an unnamed member saying: “Mourinho is not as good as we thought. Indeed, we are now quite worried. We know many fans who are uncomfortable with Man.United’s play now. The club has also experienced many mistakes with the Premier League. Mourinho has not made the breakthrough as we expected. Mourinho sometimes makes himself distracted by controversies outside the match.

Not long ago, Man.United had a plan to sign a new contract with Mourinho, in case the rulers moved to Paris SG, but now they are considering this. Mourinho not only did not bring the trophies but also made the image of Old Trafford field worse by less attractive matches. Everyone knows it’s hard for Mourinho to change his football opinion. This created a surprise in the team, many players were dissatisfied and could lead to the show on the field like Paul Pogba.

The match against Brighton tonight will therefore play a very important role for Man.United, even though the draw is considered a big difference. Man.United’s opponent is in a state of fullness, in stark contrast to the Old Trafford team.

The 0-2 defeat at Everton last weekend was only Brighton’s first defeat after a series of seven unbeaten games, including a recent 2-1 victory over Arsenal. Moreover, coach Chris Hughton is ranked 11th with 34 points, 7 points higher than the relegation group, the chance of relegation is expanding.

Brighton will be able to kick all the way to kick Man.United when they will have a 2-week break after this match. In November, the first leg in the Premier League at Old Trafford, Hughton’s team made Man.United work hard to win 1-0.