Exploding “classic war” round 4 British League Cup

The defending Chelsea runner-up was not immediately happy when the results of the draw for the fourth round of the English League Cup forced them to confront Manchester United soon. This is the opponent that has caused them to lose 0-4 in the opening match of the Premier League, the most humiliating defeat of “The Blues” since the beginning of the new season.

The former Norwegian player is almost helpless in giving solutions to recover from the deteriorating situation at Old Trafford. The struggling victory in the penalty shootout after letting the third-ranked team Rochdale draw 1-1 in 90 minutes of official play on the morning of September 26 showed that the crisis showed no signs of decline or even severe. than with Man United.

The second big battle within the group “Big Six” is also worth waiting for when Arsenal draws a lottery called Liverpool. The only defeat from the beginning of the season on Napoli’s field in the Champions League framework was determined to be a stumbling block, completely unable to affect the overall plan of the “Red Brigade” and Arsenal had reason to worry.

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The other three matches between Premier League representatives also promise to be very attractive when defending champions Man City are played at home to Southampton and Everton and Watford have a heated encounter and have to eliminate at Goodison. Park. Meanwhile, rookie Aston Villa will host Wolverhampton at Villa Park’s home ground.

Only a minority of the team remained in the round 4, the opportunity to represent the lower-level leagues in the UK though was not not good. Colchester, author of the overthrow of the “giants” Crystal Palace and Tottenham were all on the penalty spot, only guests on the pitch of Crawley Town, a team of fourth class. Similarly, the battle between Oxford United and Sunderland ensures a place in the quarterfinals between the two teams fighting in the Third Division.