FIFA rules allow Benzema to wear the 2nd team after France

Karim Benzema’s international career may not be over, but he will have to trade a lot to appear in the international arena once again. Karim Benzema has long been Real Madrid‘s leading striker. However, he has not played for France since 2015 because of a scandal with teammate Mathieu Valbuena.

He was turned away by the French Football Federation President, Noel Le Graet, with the statement “Benzema and France are no longer relevant“. Coach Didier Deschamps also admitted Benzema is a good striker, but there is an invisible barrier that does not allow him to summon him to play “Les Bleus”.

Luat FIFA cho phep Benzema khoac ao doi tuyen thu 2 sau Phap hinh anh 1

In his career, Benzema has played for all levels of France, from U17, U18, U19, U21. In the national colors, the striker born in 1987 played 81 games, scoring 27 goals.

Current FIFA rules do not allow any player to have a 2nd national team after playing an official match in another team.

However, Benzema can take advantage of a law also issued by FIFA to continue the international career.

HLV Deschamps: 'Tuyen Phap khong con cho cho Benzema' hinh anh 1

Page 72 FIFA rules regarding the conditions for playing for teams represent: “If a player came on in an international match but permanently lost his nationality as a result of a decision from a government agency , this player has the right to play for another football federation according to the nationality that he has later “.

“A player may submit a request to the FIFA Secretary-General. During the approval period, this player is not allowed to play for the old football federation,” according to FIFA rules.

Marca said Benzema is considering using sayings by officials at the French Football Federation to appeal to FIFA. However, when his international career was restored, he lost his citizenship in France.

Benzema is an Algerian player, similar to the legendary Zinedine Zidane. The striker also expressed his love and cheered on the Algerian team on their journey to Africa championship last summer.