How difficult is Barcelona when it comes to returning Neymar

Barcelona could hardly bring Neymar back to the Camp Nou this summer, when they had to bear the financial burden of a payroll fund for the world’s highest players. After Barcelona successfully recruited Antoine Griezmann, the fact that Neymar could return was making the atmosphere at the Camp Nou very exciting.

However, the situation of the budget swelled from before spending 120 million euros recruiting Griezmann is causing fans to worry about Barca’s long-term financial ability.

Barcelona gap kho nhu the nao khi muon don Neymar tro ve? hinh anh 1

when Griezmann docked in Barca, the sum of the 2019 summer spending of the hosts at the Camp Nou was nearly 240 million euros, including the contract Frenkie De Jong from Ajax Amsterdam (75 million euros).

The players sold out to help Barca collect about 100 million euros, including Andre Gomes to Everton (25 million euros). However, the financial situation of the team still faces many difficulties.

The leaders of Barca took 11 hours to negotiate to be paid for the contract named Griezmann, making Atletico Madrid angry. Finally, the Catalonia team was asked to pay 120 million euros to activate the terms of the French striker release, but did not follow international practices. This was recognized by Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu at the launching ceremony of Griezmann.

The team made a loan of 35 million euros and paid in 6 months. The remaining 85 million euros came from selling other players but not yet paid, “Bartomeu explained to reporters.

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Prime Time Sport CEO, Esteve Calzada, knows very well about the financial troubles of concessions like Griezmann. Calzada used to be the head of Barca’s trade and marketing department from 2002 to 2007.

Calzada told The Independent: “Normally, you don’t need 120 million euros in a bank. I don’t think Barca will call clubs that owe them money from transfer contracts. For example, you can’t call Everton. and asked to pay off Andre Gomes’s purchase cost, instead, you can borrow money from financial companies”.