Iranian women are allowed to watch football after decades

After more than 40 years, women in Iran have been able to go to the stadiums to watch the sport of kings, which they were almost completely banned.

This decision was made after Iran’s football federation was threatened by FIFA to remove from the system of member federations. FIFA also requires Iran to allow women to enter the field without limiting the number of tickets, depending on their needs.

FIFA’s request came after an Iranian woman who called herself the “Blue Girl” set herself on fire on September 10. She disguised herself as a boy to go to football and killed herself because she was too scared to be discovered.

Iranian women can immediately buy tickets to the latest match of the Iranian team when they confront Cambodia at Azadi on 10/10. 3,500 women bought tickets to this match.

Phu nu Iran duoc phep di xem bong da sau hang chuc nam hinh anh 1

One of the 3,500 women mentioned above is Raha Poorbakhsh. She is also a journalist in Iran. Poorbakhsh excitedly told Guardian: “I still can’t believe what’s going on because after all these years of campaigning and watching football on television, I can now experience football like a normal person.”

In addition to Poorbakhsh, many other women in Iran also support this change. A fan said she wanted the freedom of women, like what men are enjoying, and the freedom to go to football without any appreciation.

In Iran, women were almost banned from watching football from the Islamic revolution in 1979. In 2001, only 20 Muslim women were allowed to go to the 2002 World Cup qualifying matches. Four years later, just over dozens watched football matches between Iran and Bahrain.

The Iranian national soccer team represents Iran in the international indoor soccer league and is run by the Iranian Football Federation. “Kings of Asian Futsal” is Asia’s strongest team and one of the best in the world according to the indoor soccer rankings in the world.

Iran are the teams that usually participate in the World Indoor Football Championship and have the best achievement of being 3rd in 2016 after eliminating the strongest team, Brazil. Iran won the Futsal Confederations Cup in 2009 and ranked second in the Grand Prix de Futsal called the Futsal Mini-World Cup on numerous occasions.