Messi, Barca and the promise of the club president

After 10 days of making the world media seething, superstar Lionel Messi finally decided to continue to stick with Barca. Messi is expected to return to training with his teammates today 5-9.

In an exclusive interview with the online newspaper, Messi said that he agreed to stay in Barcelona because his love of the team did not change as well as avoiding an unnecessary legal dispute.

Messi first appeared in the media and told the shocked family reaction when he revealed he wanted to leave Barca. They cried. The kids don’t want to bid farewell to their current city and change schools. But he wants to play at the highest level and win big trophies, especially the Champions League.

In addition to declaring to stay in Barca and returning to practice today 5-9, Messi also accused club president Josep Bartomeu of breaking his promise.

Striker Lionel Messi asserted President Josep Maria Bartomeu promised him to leave Barca at the end of the season but kept his word. He told the club, especially the president, that he wanted to go. He believes the club needs more young players and new faces and he thinks his time at Barca is over. He thought a lot because he wanted to end his career here. The past year has been difficult for Messi. At times, he felt he had to consider his new plans.

Chairman Bartomeu said that he is only allowed to leave when someone has enough money to break the contract of 700 million euros. That is an absurd number. Or he can go to court for his freedom but that’s what he doesn’t want.

In the past five years, the relationship between Bartomeu and Messi has never been good. Barca won the La Liga three times, but failed entirely in the Champions League. Personally, Messi also loses in individual races that he only won 1 Golden Ball and 1 The Best in 2019.

The management of Barca also has many problems, but part of the consequence is the transfer policy. They spent nearly $ 900 million but earned all the failed contracts. Bartomeu and some of the members of the board of directors have been caught in suspicions of paying rent for the media company I3 Ventures to defame the reputation of Messi, Gerard Pique, Xavi, Pep Guardiola, etc.