Mourinho returned to Old Trafford and the ironic arrangement of fate

The arrival of Ole Solskjaer marks the end of Mourinho, but the day Mourinho returns to Old Trafford with Tottenham could also be the end of the Solskjaer’s reign. This way of playing can also be found in online casinos.

Nearly a year ago, the decision to fire Jose Mourinho was announced by United in the joy of many people. Paul Pogba posted on the social network the photo with the ironic smile that many people thought was for Mourinho.

The other players are not as obvious as Pogba, but they are also open the flag inside. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer took over, Man United immediately experienced a jubilant victory that made people have an excuse not to like.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Old Trafford

Less than a year later, Mourinho returned to Old Trafford, but as United’s rival. And if “The Special One” and Tottenham extend the sad days at Old Trafford, it is not known that Solskjaer’s short reign will soon end.

Mourinho’s reactions are full of negativity. It shows that deep inside him is a repression, frustration, is a smoldering fire that only needs to catch a small breeze to explode violently.

Mourinho, from a proverbial, blatant critic, became quiet during his time at United. Mourinho was asked why he didn’t react after Man scored. The Portuguese strategist filled with sarcasm and bitterness responded: “I am afraid that if I say something, the media will use those words to attack me.”

Mourinho tro lai Old Trafford va su sap dat tro treu cua so phan hinh anh 3

Mourinho’s discontent caused him to be hated even by unrelated professionals such as Old Trafford cleaning staff or United’s logistics team.

The day he broke up with Team, Daily Mail reported that United employees only took 5 minutes to clean Mourinho’s office. There was no affection in it. They throw away everything that bears his mark.