Noticeable statistics about Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann is scoring fewer goals than he played for Atletico and is increasingly less involved in Barca’s play.

Griezmann has only one goal in his last eight games for Barca, which worries about one of the world’s most expensive strikers.

Since joining Barca, the former Atletico striker has only four goals, including two against Betis in the second round of La Liga, one against Villarreal in the sixth and one against Eibar in the ninth round. He has not scored a goal for his new club in the Champions League.

At the same time last season, Griezmann had six goals for Atletico. He finished the season with 15 goals in 37 La Liga matches.

Passing is also a worrying statistic. In the last match, Griezmann only had 21 passes in 73 minutes of play. Meanwhile, team mate Ousmane Dembele has 43 passes in 20 minutes.

Last season, in the same period, Griezmann had 595 passes for Atletico. His current number is 529, although Barca has a style of passing.

Barca are hoping that expensive rookies can integrate more quickly into the game. If not, the team will have difficulty facing Dortmund, Inter, Atletico and Real Madrid within the next month and a half.

Heat map shows Griezmann’s problem in Barca

The way Antoine Griezmann plays at Barca is different from what is happening with the French team.

According to the heat map of the last match of France, Griezman played mainly in the middle of the line. He rarely plays completely left or right.

Meanwhile, at Barca, Griezmann often plays left from the beginning of the season. He has shown nothing more than three goals in nine matches. AS (Spain) said that Barca is using the wrong way against Griezmann.

Another reason why Griezmann has not been playing a forte position is because in the middle of Barca, Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez are always the first choice. In the role of attacking, Messi often tape up coordination with striker Suarez. Griezmann will only have the opportunity to play in the middle if one of the two biggest stars cannot play.

The purchase and use of Griezmann are also revealing Barca’s transfer problems. There have been many years observing how to play at Atletico and France, but the defending champion La Liga still spent $ 135 million to buy a player in the same position with Messi and Suarez. Meanwhile, the weakness on the left has not been completely solved with the reason that there is not enough money to buy Neymar.