Neymar surpassed Ronaldo at the age of 27

It is very coincident that the two big stars of world football are all birthday on February 5 and Neymar is showing their superiority when compared to Ronaldo when he is 27 years old. On February 5, 2019, Neymar turned 27. The soccer superstar and his birthday, Cristiano Ronaldo was 27 years old 7 years

World football, one year look back that

The French, of course, they fled the world football in their own way, from England to Russia, around Spain and as if, they put the Eiffel Tower on this planet. The stunning Lam football team in Russia has conquered the biggest rivals, farewell the biggest stars like Leo Messi or Eden Hazard to bid farewell

Some tactics have changed the face of football

Modern football today is important to pass the ball, but it is not always a common pattern. In the early period, football revolved around skills through people. The players try to win the ball and go straight ahead when the ball is still in the foot, his teammate will not stay behind to cover if