Philippe Coutinho and the tragedy of the rebel

Coutinho’s return to Liverpool became a nightmare. His Barca were sunk 4-0 by the opponent, resulting in them being eliminated from the Champions League. “The Kop” created something extraordinary, and Coutinho and his teammates became ordinary people.

Liverpool had a second consecutive Champions League final after Coutinho left. Fate is a joke. Just a year ago, the Brazilian midfielder was rebellious to go to Barca, but then the old team again engulfed his ambition.

Coutinho is paying a heavy price for impatience. He wanted to leave, to find a new horizon with strong power and ambition. Barca became the desirable destination of former Inter star. Despite coach Juergen Klopp’s advice, Coutinho is determined to move away from Anfield.

Coutinho’s craving is not controversial. As a player, who doesn’t want to play for a famous team. Barca have no Liverpool players and only in Catalonia, the 27-year-old midfielder believes he will touch the prestigious Champions League championship.

His new land is not as sweet as imagined. After the match at Anfield, the Brazilian midfielder became “the goat god”. Sport newspaper used harsh words to describe the poor performance of the £ 142 million contract, criticizing him for being too lazy.

So Coutinho did not have the temperament of a big name on Liverpool’s reunion. He was still like a timid bunny in front of the car lights. Barca’s number 7 has the opportunity to kick the old team, but the finish is too gentle, just like a week ago. Coutinho’s attitude is also unacceptable.

He played like an invisible person and was replaced in the 60th minute of the match. He had a shot, hit the ball pass rate exactly 74 percent.
AS Newspaper called the moment Coutinho left the pitch to end the future of this player in Barca.