Portugal won the first match in the Euro qualifier

Ronaldo scored in offside when Portugal cut off a series of two draws with a 4-2 victory over Serbia on 7/9.

Ronaldo started as a striker, where he received the help of Guedes, Carvalho, Fernandes and Silva. However, this tactical plan did not bring much effect in the first half of the match in Group B of Euro 2020 qualifiers.

With experienced players like Kolarov, Matic or Dusan Tadic, Serbia successfully defended against Portugal’s ball-ups. The home team also had the opportunity to open the score early with a goal from Kolarov’s goal.

Bồ Đào Nha có bước tiến quan trọng ở vòng loại.

The game changed from 42 minutes, the time when goalkeeper Dmitrovic made a serious mistake. After a cross from the right wing of Fernandes, Dmitrovic collided with teammate Milenkovic causing the ball to hit Carvalho’s leg. Not missing an opportunity in the open goal, Carvalho pushed the ball across the line to bring Portugal ahead.

While Ronaldo has a number of shots on target, Fernades is truly a prominent player on the defending Euro champion. By keeping pace and creating, he answered the question why Man Utd, Tottenham and Real Madrid have expressed interest in the summer transfer window.

After launching the attack leading to the first goal, Fernandes directly created the second goal for Portugal. Receiving the ball from his team-mate, Guedes cleverly invades the penalty area to defeat Dmitrovic.

Faced with the risk of losing at home, Serbia started to play stronger from the middle of the second half. Tadic, the player who shone in the Ajax shirt last season, actually played the conductor role to help the home team put pressure on Portugal. When the game went into the 68th minute, Tadic headed a corner for Milenkovic to reduce the lead to 1-2.

Bồ Đào Nha có dàn sao thực sự chất lượng.

The game could have come to a beautiful end for Serbia, if they had not conceded a controversial goal in the 80th minute. The slow-motion video showed that, before scoring, Ronaldo was in an offside position. But the referee did not use VAR to determine again.

After a controversial situation, Serbia rekindled hope with Mitrovic’s goal. Tadic is again an assist player. However, the match did not have a satisfactory outcome for the home team. A minute later, Silva made a low shot to seal a 4-2 win for Portugal.