PSG was angry because Mbappe wanted to attend the Olympic Games

If Kylian Mbappe attends the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, the French striker will not have enough time to rest before the new season. Mbappe is a gem currently protected by PSG. They do not want anything unpredictable to happen to this striker.

Therefore, the French team is said to be angry when it is reported that the 21-year-old spearhead wants to attend the Olympic Games. Before that, Mbappe had to recruit France to attend the Euro finals.

If you participate in the Olympics, this striker will spend the summer with a lot of events. As a result, Kylian may be overloaded, leading to failure to recover physically to serve PSG in the new season. However, Mbappe’s willpower seemed too strong. He insisted on participating in the Olympics.

In response to L’Equipe, President Noel Le Graet of the French Football Federation (FFF) hinted that he would call Mbappe to be part of the Olympic home team. He was more aggressive after Kylian himself admitted he wanted to go to Japan to win the men’s gold medal with his teammates.

PSG noi nong vi Mbappe muon du Olympic hinh anh 1 Kylian_Mbappe1.jpg

PSG has the right to refuse to “release” 21-year-old talent during the Olympics, because this is not a FIFA Day event. At this time, experts predict a fight between FFF and PSG will break out around Mbappe attending the Olympic Games.

This summer, Neymar – another big name of PSG – must attend Copa America. Losing the stars at the same time is not what the owner of Parc des Princes wants, because the potential risks are always present when the players return to serve the national team.

AS reported that PSG is about to turn Kylian Mbappe into the second highest paid player in the world, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo and only behind Lionel Messi.

The source of AS revealed that the French capital club wants to close a new contract with Mbappe after Euro 2020 takes place. Former striker Mbappe could receive a new salary of about 50 million euros for year. That income is equivalent to the level of top stars like Messi or Ronaldo.