Revealing evidence of arbitration proceedings caused Argentina to lose to Brazil

The controversy over arbitration after the Copa America semi-final between Brazil and Argentina has not ended. According to TNews, the Argentine Football Federation is demanding publicity of the Ecuadorian financial record, Roddy Zambrano, with the VAR team in two controversial situations that could lead to penalties for Argentina.

Especially Sergio Aguero’s ball was cut down by Dani Alves in the penalty area just before Roberto Firmino scored the second goal for Brazil. According to AFA officials, VAR team member, Mr. Leodan Gonzalez of Uruguay, proposed the arbitration to refer to VAR in both of the above situations and were rejected.

Lo bang chung trong tai xu ep khien Argentina thua Brazil hinh anh 1

The AFA also questioned why the quarterfinals were used for VAR and changed, but the semi-final between Argentina and Brazil did not have any support from VAR.

Globo Esporte sheets also give shocking information when affirming the South American Football Federation admitted there were signal problems from the VAR to the referee.

The cause comes from the frequency of the radios used by the referees ‘team suddenly coinciding with the parameters of the security guards’ radio system for Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro sitting on the stands.

Lionel Messi also expressed his frustration: “The referee was tired of dealing with bullshit balls. They didn’t even bother to use VAR. It was incredible. They had no contact with each other. and then things like this prevented us from mastering the match. “

Lo bang chung trong tai xu ep khien Argentina thua Brazil hinh anh 2

“There are two sets of ball we should have received a penalty. I don’t want to make excuses, but I hope the South American Football Federation will go in and do something. However, there is probably nothing wrong So, because Brazil has everything under control, “said Messi bitterly.

President Bolsonaro was on the pitch to attend the match and when the first half ended, he personally went from the stands to the yard.