Ronaldo and the glory of the great conqueror

The UEFA Nations League championship with Portugal has continued to be a measure of Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s different talents and qualities.

Heavy statistics were found on the day Ronaldo and Portugal won the UEFA Nations League championship. From the age of 30, Ronaldo has won 12 championships, big and small, all the teams he plays, including 2 national championships, 3 Champions League and 2 teams level titles.

Ronaldo va vinh quang cua ke chinh phuc vi dai hinh anh 3

What is the meaning of the number 12 trophy after Ronaldo 30s? It is more than three times the achievement of Lionel Messi in similar statistics. Of course, Messi is younger than Ronaldo and still has time to complete his collection in four years after crossing the age of 30.

However, 12 titles in 4 years, ie every 1 year Ronaldo will win a treble, an excellent achievement. CR7 is 34 years old, a time when people often call “the other side of the slope” career.

At 34, Diego Maradona had to lose up to 12 kilograms in a few months to become fit to attend the 1994 World Cup before being expelled as soon as the tournament was taking place because of a positive for the banned substance.

Michel Platini finished his career and became France coach. “Aliens” Ronaldo gained weight and returned to Brazil to play for Corinthians. David Beckham suffered a serious injury in AC Milan’s shirt and said he left England after an American adventure with LA Galaxy.

Ronaldo va vinh quang cua ke chinh phuc vi dai hinh anh 4

Ronaldo, at 34, is still arrogant in winning the trophy, in response to the disparaging remarks of those who hate him, to continue claiming who he is, although many stars believe he has nothing to do. after more than a decade standing on the peak of world football.

After the 3-1 victory over Switzerland in the Nations League semi-finals, Bernardo Silva stressed to the press: “Ronaldo doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. What he does in 10-15 years is the answer to all. Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in history. 1 or 2 bad games can’t change anything.”

Ilva is right, but not enough. Ronaldo doesn’t need to prove himself to anyone. The collection of trophies, statistics and the identity of a golden egg-laying chicken is more than enough to put CR7 in the temple of the most outstanding characters.

But Ronaldo has always chosen to assert himself, not only to please those who hate him, but also to please himself. Ronaldo is obsessed with perfection