Sergio Romero was blamed by the fans for being so good

Man Utd goalkeeper was criticized by fans after a flying phase that blocked Wayne Rooney’s free kick at the end of the match. In the last minutes of a match between Derby County and Manchester United, the host awarded a free kick. And then the score was also 3-0 in favor of teachers and coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

When Rooney stepped up to make the kick, MU fans were hoping Shrek will have a goal as a souvenir on the reunion day of the old club. The former England international did a good job of putting the ball in the corner of the letter A. However, Romero flew all the way to take away the goal of the home team.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sergio Romero

The Argentine goalkeeper was scolded by Man Utd fans. Fans thought that Romero was heartless in this phase.

Rooney played hard on the day against the old club. In the role of a attacking midfielder, the former England international helped Derby County play to dominate Man Utd during the early game.

However, the home team’s calculations broke down after Luke Shaw’s lucky goal in the 33rd minute. 4 minutes before the break, Odion Ighalo scored to give Man Utd a 2-0 lead. Ighalo himself set the score 3-0 in the second half.

Derby County also creates many opportunities. Besides, “The Rams” has two times definitely put the ball in the wrong goal.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sergio Romero

“For the first time in history, even MU fans want the home team to concede,” Boxing Brain said.

“Romero deserves to be booed for this save,” Saunders users scolded.

“Rooney probably believed that he would score after this situation but Romero did not think so,” nickname Rants teased.

Coach Solskjaer defended Romero by saying: “He always wanted to keep a clean sheet”.