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Revealing evidence of arbitration proceedings caused Argentina to lose to Brazil

The controversy over arbitration after the Copa America semi-final between Brazil and Argentina has not ended. According to TNews, the Argentine Football Federation is demanding publicity of the Ecuadorian financial record, Roddy Zambrano, with the VAR team in two controversial situations that could lead to penalties for Argentina. Especially Sergio Aguero’s ball was cut down

FIFA announced the official poster of the World Women’s Football Championship 2019

The official poster of the World Women’s Championship 2019 clearly shows the theme of the tournament, which is to ensure a level playing field for women in the field of football. The World Football Federation (FIFA) on March 8 announced the official poster of the 2019 World Women’s Football Championship. Introduced correctly on International Women’s

Modric won the FIFA The Best 2018 prize

This morning, FIFA’s Best 2018 awards ceremony took place in London. This time, the honoree in the Best Male Player Luka Modric – the conductor took Croatia to the runner-up of the 2018 World Cup and the pillar of the Real Madrid team won the Champions League championship 2017/18. It can be said, world football

World football, one year look back that

The French, of course, they fled the world football in their own way, from England to Russia, around Spain and as if, they put the Eiffel Tower on this planet. The stunning Lam football team in Russia has conquered the biggest rivals, farewell the biggest stars like Leo Messi or Eden Hazard to bid farewell