Tottenham chose Mourinho because they could not invite Rodgers

Jose Mourinho was only selected as Tottenham manager, after Daniel Levy president could not convince Brendan Rodgers to leave Leicester.

A day after Tottenham fired Mauricio Pochettino and appointed Jose Mourinho, Sports Mail (England) revealed internal details at Spurs before Pochettino left. Accordingly, the first person to be chaired by Tottenham president Daniel Levy is Brendan Rodgers.

Mr. Levy set his mind on getting rid of Pochettino after Tottenham lost two matches in early October. The London team then lost 2-7 to Bayern Munich and 0-3 at Brighton.

Levy, initially, contacted Brendan Rodgers but was rejected because Leicester were in high form in the English Premier League. Tottenham also considered a plan to invite Julian Nagelsmann, but the 32-year-old German tactician could only bid farewell to Leipzig at the end of the season.

President Levy moved to contact Jose Mourinho. The two sides reached key terms in the contract early last week. At the same time, the Tottenham boss negotiated with Pochettino about the contract compensation money. Pochettino wants to receive enough money, but Levy only wants to pay part.

Determined to part ways with Tottenham, but Pochettino could not expect that he could not even lead the London derby against West Ham this weekend.

Argentine strategist and chairman Levy are expected to talk about contract compensation next Monday, but sources say tensions between the two sides occurred during an exchange on the training ground earlier this week.

Pochettino’s contract with Tottenham ended Tuesday morning. He did not take much time to pack up. The players don’t even know about the breakup of the teacher, until the information is made public at 19:30 the same day, London time.

Less than 12 hours later, Levy continued to surprise fans and players with the announcement of Jose Mourinho’s appointment. Wednesday’s training session, as usual, takes place in the morning. But it was postponed to the same afternoon, the moment Mourinho first appeared on the Enfield training ground.