Using money to buy trophies, City is paying dearly

On May 18, 2019 in the FA Cup final, the most bizarre moment took place right after Manchester City‘s sixth goal. At that time, the camera moved from the scene of the students celebrating Raheem Sterling’s goal to coach Pep Guardiola who was holding his head and bending his face on the training bench.

At this point, Pep is not like a coach who is happy to see the team making history at all. The strategist was like a helpless scientist looking at the experimental robot army running away uncontrollably in a technology fair.

It seems that Pep immediately saw the decline in the value of the FA Cup trophy in the moment of victory, to the point that he no longer felt respect for it, but instead was disappointed or even angry.

This was also felt immediately during the press conference after the match. Pep, another with the usual cheerful expression, was completely opposite when he heard a reporter asked if he could get more bonuses from boss like boss Roberto Mancini.

It can be seen that in the answers above, Pep did not once deny the question. This is clearly not what he expected. With Pep, his move to lead City is supposed to prove that he can achieve success with a club lacking the conditions to become “king of football”.

“For someone who has spent a lot of time with historic clubs like Pep, City seems like a very unreasonable choice,” wrote journalist Marti Perarnau in The Evolution, a The analysis is about the period when Pep is about to leave Bayern.

This pen continues: “Perhaps the answer lies in the question, Pep is attracted to a club that doesn’t have too many identities. He knows he can do better without breaking long identities. life of that club “.

While in Barca, the Spanish military commander only had to follow the legacy that Johan Cruyff left. When he arrived in Bayern Munich, he faced mixed compliments from the club’s legends.

In City, where history is waiting to be written, he only has to face the only legend of the club, Noel Gallagher. Man City is like a blank sheet of paper that Pep knows he will be free to create as much as he wants. By establishing an identity for Man City, he can start building an empire of his own.