VAR makes Man City lose their victory in injury time

Man City played out, creating countless opportunities but still suffered a 2-2 draw against Tottenham at home to Etihad in the second round of the Premier League.

Man City is expected to face a lot of difficulties when it comes to welcoming Tottenham. However, with home advantage, the defending champion struggled against London’s rivals. De Bruyne made a pass to remove the entire defense for Sterling into a header to defeat Lloris.

Tottenham rallied and scored at the first chance. In the 24th minute, Lamela defeated goalkeeper Ederson with a technical crush from outside the penalty area.

VAR khien Man City mat chien thang o phut bu gio hinh anh 1

This is also all that Pochettino’s team did in the first half. Man City continue to increase pressure and have a goal to lift the score to 2-1 in the 35th minute. Kevin De Bruyne impressed with the horizontal line as if to put Aguero into the near-cut to not give Lloris a chance to block.

The initiative continued to belong to Man City in the second half, Pep Guardiola’s army continuously bombarded Tottenham’s goal. When City’s shot was 23-1 in favor of Man City, the hosts suddenly conceded in the 56th minute after a header from the player replaced Lucas Moura.

For the rest of the time, the Premier League champions pushed up the squad. The rush makes “Citizen” impossible to penetrate the defense of the visitors.

VAR khien Man City mat chien thang o phut bu gio hinh anh 3

After much effort, Gabriel Jesus defeated Lloris at the injury time in the second half. However, the Brazilian striker’s goal was not recognized. VAR discovered the ball was touching Laporte before coming to Jesus’ feet. The match ended with a 2-2 draw.

In the pre-match commentary program between Manchester United and Chelsea, coach Jose Mourinho commented on the race for the new Premier League championship season. “4 teams will compete for championships including Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool and City’s B team. When I look at City’s bench in the last match, the players sitting there are completely competitive. championship, “Mourinho said on Sky Sports.