What Takumi Minamino said after his Liverpool debut

The Japanese striker was happy with his Liverpool debut in the victory over Everton 6/1 but was still cautious about his future at Anfield.

“I’m happy to be a part of the team now. This may be one of the most intense games I’ve ever played, but I understand the Premier League will be like that so I’m not surprised,” Liverpool Echo quoted money. Japanese director answered with reporter from his hometown.

“The way Liverpool play pressing, backing, defending, or using space between routes is quite similar to Salzburg. However, the system still has differences, and I have to understand that to adapt itself.”

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Takumi Minamino

The striker born in 1995 also praised the atmosphere of Anfield Stadium. “This is the best stadium for a player. The fans are great and I’m proud that Liverpool won,” Minamino said.

On the morning of 6/1, Liverpool won Everton 1-0 to advance to the fourth round of the FA Cup. Minamino is arranged the main stone and impressed with the ability to move maneuver in 70 minutes to be present on the field.

According to Goal’s statistics, Minamino has 22 passes during his time on the pitch, succeeded 18 times and 17 of them took place in the opponent’s court. Minamino has a shot but failed to score.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Takumi Minamino

Coach Juergen Klopp has his own compliments for the Japanese player. “He is wonderful, excellent. That’s the kind of player we want to have, and we want to have,” the Liverpool home page quoted the German coach.

According to Premier League rules, players in the winter transfer window are registered to play from the 22nd round. Therefore, it is likely that this weekend, Minamino will be on Liverpool’s registration list as a guest. Tottenham on 12/1.

Juergen Klopp coach confirmed rookie Takumi Minamino will not take much time to integrate because of the similarity in play between Liverpool and former team Salzburg.