World football, one year look back that

The French, of course, they fled the world football in their own way, from England to Russia, around Spain and as if, they put the Eiffel Tower on this planet. The stunning Lam football team in Russia has conquered the biggest rivals, farewell the biggest stars like Leo Messi or Eden Hazard to bid farewell to the World Cup in silence, and make Croatia feel honored when played one of the best matches in their football history in Russia.

Les Bleus also made the most fastidious fans feel relaxed in front of the screen because of the explosion of talents like Kylian Mbappe, many times having to wear their hats to the power of a collective that reached the quintessential philosophy, and release energy to all who wait for their landing to the top of the world.

And look again, Arsene Wenger has taken away many of our sorrows, after the emotional breakup with Arsenal, his team has been attached for 22 years, where the 69-year-old coach is known as a pioneer. for the foggy football reform, and the monument in the history of London’s football team.

While Zinedine Zidane, who had never wasted a second in Madrid to create a massive empire in the Champions League, left the biggest club of his life, in an unusual sense and made the world must be bewildered to wonder, what happened to this legend. With Zidane, every success comes so gently and goodbye.

Cristiano Ronaldo, shortly thereafter, stirred madness at the Bernabeu, when he ended his most beautiful years in his career, and left Real Madrid in anger because of the lack of respect. And now those who stayed, heal the rift in the team left by him.

After Cristiano Ronaldo created a thrilling drama for an unlimited adventure in Italy, Luka Modric made football a little more romantic with the title Ballon d’Or 2018. This marked for The great overthrow of world football after a decade of watching Leo Messi duo – Cristiano Ronaldo juggles on stage.